Email for custom orders! :)


Choose your design, colors and size!

We can customize any textile art you are dreaming of! From large 14' runners to small textile art and decor, we work with you every step of the way to create the textile art of your dreams. 

S T E P  1:

Send an email to or a message HERE to share details about your idea! We will be in touch to set up a call to talk about what you're thinking! 

S T E P   2:

 Once we connect and get an idea of what you're thinking, we will create a mock up image to send to the weavers for pricing.

S T E P   3:

Once details on pricing sound good to you, we move forward with choosing colors. We have 120+ colors to choose from and 95% of them are naturally dyed. This is our favorite part! We narrow down the options to what color story your design is focused on, then we send you images and samples to make the final decision.

S T E P   4:

Once all details look good, we send the order off to production in Mexico. Depending on the size of the product, custom orders take about 6 weeks to fulfill and be shipped to you.