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Zihuatanejo, Mexico Travel Guide

 Zihuatanejo is a Mexican gem!! I discovered this beautiful place while planning something very special! After spending 10 days here, it quickly became one of my favorite Mexican beach destinations and I would love to share with you everything I learned!! You fly into Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo and take a 15 minute cab to Zihuatanejo, it could not be easier! 


Zihuatanejo is the land of hotels and I think I toured them all!! The options are endless and at all different price points, these are just a few of my absolute favorites that can't be missed.

La Casa Que Canta - one of the most breathtaking hotels I have ever stepped foot into!!! Built on a cliff side, the decor is perfection and the sea breeze is incredible. Highly recommend staying here, you will not regret it!

Casa Angelina - private villa and venue, THIS.IS.THE.PLACE. Jaw dropping views in the hard to beat villa, I truly don't know if there is anything better.

Hotel Casa Don Francisco - a gem of all gems! In a perfect walking location to Playa La Ropa, this hotel is boutique hotel has 8 beautiful rooms and includes breakfast at a great price! Highly recommend.

The Casitas at Playa La Ropa - you book these on AirBnB and they are not only incredibly affordable, but the grounds and room are awesome! The rooms are little villas with kitchen and seating areas and the pool is a great place to hang all day.

Thompson Zihuatanejo - perfectly placed on the beach, this luxurious hotel is beautiful!

Hotel Villa Carolina - a boutique hotel that is beautiful and close to the beach!! Love the rooms and especially the grand house at the top!

La Villa Luz - beautiful design, unique rooms and a true jungle ambiance I adore this boutique hotel! A perfect choice for a weekend away.


Zihuatanejo is a beautiful bay with two main beaches. There are tons of places to explore in and around Zihuatanejo. If you find yourself interested in a little adventure you can rent a car for $50 a day and really explore! 


Playa La Ropa - one of two main beaches to visit in Zihuatanejo. I enjoyed this one more for its relaxing feel and white sand. I recommend staying at a hotel on this beach.

La Perla - a perfect beachside restaurant and bar that has beach chair rentals and massages starting at $30!! We tested them out daily while we were there ;) and they were great!! A must add to your list ~ beachside massage for the win!

Loot - a funky little surf shop to visit!

Troncones - a 40 minute drive north up the coast, if you are a surfer you must visit this dreamy place!!! Its beautiful, off the beaten path and serves up some of the best energy I've felt in a while :) Can't wait to go back and spend more time here!

Picante Cruises - cruise around the bay on this massive catamaran!! We've done a public and private cruise on here and loved them both!! Highly recommend taking a trip!


Mexican food has endless varieties all over the country, but when traveling to the coast of this country, I am always looking forward to seafood! I don't eat much at home so this is always my opportunity to try it all! Seafood, tacos and margaritas all day please and thank you :)


La Gaviota - at the far end of Playa La Ropa, this is my favorite restaurant and bar! If you're going to go one place to eat your entire stay - this is it!! 

Doña Prudencia - tasty Mexican food on Playa La Ropa - delicious!

Jungle Pizza - when you're craving some pizza, this is the spot. 

Taqueria El Buen Pastor - is you're a street taco fan like me, then this is where you should head first! We tested numerous taquerias in town and this was the stand out favorite! Al Pastor tacos for the win.

Espuma - romantic with incredible views, the perfect place to get a glass of wine in the evening.

Cafe Caracol - a delicious coffee spot to start your day! They have a few locations around town.

Cuattro Cafe - a fresh and modern coffee and breakfast place, amazing lattes!

Bandidos Restaurant - a hopping place in town to eat, drink and dance! Super fun.

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