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Oaxaca, Mexico Travel Guide

One of my favorite places in Mexico, Oaxaca is where the Selva Studio story all began! I decided I wanted to start working with artisans in Oaxaca in 2019 so I knew it wasn't going to happen unless I lived there. I packed up, and found a place to stay in Oaxaca for a few months while I met with lots of artisans, practiced design ideas and figured out who I wanted to work with. It was an incredible time and lead me to where I am today! Since then I have traveled to Oaxaca a few times and have found so many great gems in the city!!


Oaxaca is one of my favorite cities to explore on foot. Behind every wall are endless courtyards, unique street art, restaurants and more. This city is a photographers dream. My first recommendation is to simply get out and explore on foot day one! Go to all ends of the city, take photos, discover the differences in the areas and make lots of notes for what you want to come back and check out. 

Mercado Benito Juárez - a must see! This is a bustling market where you can find food, crafts, leather goods and more. If you're looking to take something home with you, this is the place to go find it! My favorite huarache vendor in all of Mexico is here :)

Museo Textil de Oaxaca - a staple of Oaxaca, take the time to learn about the incredible history of textiles at this iconic and beautiful museum.

BS Biblioteca Infantil de Oaxaca - the kids library!! This was my absolute sanctuary when I spent extended time in Oaxaca. Its on the quiet side of town and has beautiful architecture. I highly recommend heading this way if you need to hop on wifi or at the very least take a walk to a different area outside of the centro.

San Agustin Etla Art Center - 35 minutes from the city, this beautiful town has an art center that is incredible! Highly recommend getting out here to walk around and tour this space and see some modern Mexican art! I loved every second of this exploration day. At the top of my Oaxaca list! 

Teotitlan Del Valle - 45 minutes from the city, this is where the Selva Studio workshop is!! My favorite town in the mountains, take a day trip to visit the market and learn about the beautiful world of handwoven textiles.

Cultural Center of Teotitlan - a beautiful building sharing the history of Mexico. A must see if you go out to Teotitlan, make sure not to miss this donation based access to an incredible exhibit!! 

Hierve Al Agua - known as petrified waterfalls, this incredible feat of nature is not to miss. Bring your suit and try to avoid the weekends as this popular watering hole gets packed.



From street food to high end restaurants, Oaxaca has it all! Make sure to try some of the 7 kinds of mole while you are in town!

Mercado 20 de Noviembre - you can't go to Oaxaca without visiting this food market. Go with an empty belly and ready to taste it all! From crickets to cheese, you can find all the famous Oaxacan foods here and get some fresh juice while you're at it.

Elotes - this is my favorite Mexican street food and I dream about it when I'm away! Corn, lime, seasonings, mayo and cheese served on the cob or in a cup. They are sold from street carts and I highly recommend you try some! I prefer the cup :) my favorite stall is located here next to all the nieves on the stairs.

Cabuche - Always my first stop back in town, soup is my love language.

Ensamble Oaxaca
 - high vibes here!! A pizza joint in a perfect location that offers vegan options. Highly recommend for a casual meal and a drink!  

Nieves - go to Jardin Socrates and try some nieves when you want something refreshing! There is live music and 5+ nieve stands to choose from. They are all good, I don't have a favorite! 

Las Quince Letras - a delicious restaurant where you can taste many Mexican dishes! 

Maguey y Maíz - you can't stay in Oaxaca without a 5 star traditional Mexican meal! You can find a delicious one here.

Boulenc - one of the most popular spots in town, this is a bakery, restaurant and AirBnB! I recommend going for breakfast or lunch, and getting something with bread in it, yummmmy! Don't be surprised by how many tourists you see here - its still delicious and worth it!! 

Organic Harvest Market - organic market with different stands offering a variety of food, drinks, desserts and shopping. I adore this market! If you're craving some fresh juice or veggies, this is your place! 

Criollo - from the chef of renowned Pujol in Mexico City, this is his Oaxacan restaurant and its a special one. Make sure to make a reservation in advance!! 


The mezcal capital of the world, if you drink alcohol than I highly recommend doing a tasting tour! If alcohol is not for you, stick with aguas frescas and judo verde, the best! :)

La Mezcaloteca - the swankiest mezcal tasting room where you can sip and learn all about this delicious alcohol. They speak Spanish and English and its one of the best mezcal experiences I've ever had! Highly recommend.

La Mezcalarita - One of my favorite rooftops in Oaxaca, this is the hip place to go to taste some yummy drinks and check out the cool Oaxacan scene of local Mexicans. They have food and drinks, but I recommend just going for drinks and getting food elsewhere ;) 

In Situ Mezcaleria - tiny but with a great variety of mezcal, head straight upstairs and ask for recommendations. 

Hierba Blanca - open from Thursday - Saturday, this rooftop is only open by appointment so make sure you plan accordingly! 


Hotel Escondido Oaxaca - beautifully designed and a perfect location in the city.

Grana B&B - casual and cool, and the design is gorgeous. Nothing to beat here!

AirBnB - Oaxaca is a great city for AirBnB. You can find any location for any price range on here, so I highly recommend it!

Casa Hotel Carmen - an incredible boutique home with only a few rooms in a perfect location, highly recommend this gem.

Hotel Casa De Sierra Azul Oaxaca - a beautiful and quaint hotel that is budget friendly right downtown! If you're looking to be in the thick of it, this is it! 

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